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We are staffed with Top Master Barbers who average over 10 years of experience each!


On our team we have precision cutting specialist, experts at fading, afro specialists, color technicians, and the entire staff is great at using the razor for shaves, linings, and cutting. While every barber doesn’t do everything, it’s hard to pick a barber here that can’t deliver the product and quality that you’re looking for.


Please note All of our barbers work with EVERY hair type .


Our Team:


Stan (937) 718-9646


Red (937) 369-6685


P-Nutt (937) 520-5304


De'Shae (937) 825-4391


Jibri (937) 241-1502

Keith (937) 301-5628

Brandon (937) 360-8404

Lyndon (978) 987-5788

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